11 Raincoats To See You Through Festival Season

Living in the very green, very fickle climate that is Ireland, our festival season wardrobe sadly looks less like desert queen at Coachella and more like drowned rat repeatedly dunked in a bucket of water. Gone are the days when we would turn up our noses and more than likely, throw a tantrum as the word raincoat was uttered from our mother's mouths. Instead, we've learned the hard way to accept that (once again), mum was right and a raincoat is very much a necessity during festival season in the UK and Ireland.


If anyone appreciates life being a fashion show, it's us but we also appreciate being dry and warm, something not easily achieved if you've opted for shorts and a crochet top, forgoing the coat in the name of fashion. Then again, who said fashion had to be taken out of the equation? It's 2017 for goodness sake. Comfort is fashion. With the raincoats available in shops right now, everyone's a winner - mothers can rest easily knowing we're well wrapped up while we get to stay dry without handing yourself in to the fashion police.

So go on, treat yourself to that shiny new coat and watch the pride beam from your mum's face.


Water repellent parka, €49.95 at Zara

Vinyl hooded rain mac, €60 at Topshop

Sporty raincoat, €35.99 at Pull & Bear

Long raincoat, A.W.A.K.E, €339 at Browns Fashion


Parka with metallic finish, €49.95 at Zara

Two-tone metallic mac raincoat, €52 at Topshop

Oversized shell parka, Burberry, €695 at net-a-porter


Transparent raincoat, €49.95 at Zara

Hunter Original white vinyl raincoat jacket, €205 at Urban Outfitters

Raincoat, €69.99 at H & M

Metallic Mac, €52 at Topshop



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