10 Times We Were Radically Confused By Fashion

Would you pay over €300 for a pair of trainers that looked worn, muddy and ripped??No, your eyes are not deceiving you: these are pre-dirtied and aged trainers and people are paying good money for them. Distressed fashion is certainly not a new horizon in the fashion world, but it's one of those situations that prompt us to stop the world from turning and ask what in God's name were people thinking.

This isn't the first - and certainly not the last - time that a designer has decided to'do something wildly different or just a bit bloody mad. Sometimes, though, the end product can be lost in translation (see above), and the result is sometimes more WTF than wow (see above). Remember last year streetwear label Supreme surprised us all by releasing a limited edition brick - yes; the kind you build a house with- and slapped a €27 price tag on it? And remember that time?Hermes unveiled a €11,500 basketball? Here are a few of the times that fashion designers gave us a little more (or in some cases, less) than we anticipated.


When Dolce and Gabbana went into the fridge-freezer?business:

At a cost of over??30,000, it certainly doesn't come cheap. But it's guaranteed to give you the coolest home on the street...sorrynotsorry.

When Chanel?wanted to prove that safety comes first with their ludicrous fire extinguisher:


Because fire deserves to be chic, too. A €9,000 price tag might dampen the flames quicker, though.

This charming Herm's bicycle for only €10,000:


And this Herm's €600 wooden nutcracker set:

You would want to have lost a few nuts to fork out that much for something that you inherently damage.



Speaking of forks; this decadent Versace Medusa Gilded Dinner Fork for €265:

Because food obviously tastes better when eaten with a golden utensil.


This unexplained Supreme brick:


It may seem cheap at €27, but this is a hefty price considering normal bricks retail at around ?0.15.


Boomeranging it back to Chanel again with this....?1260?boomerang:

Keepin' it cool with this Gucci fan:

In the words of Katy Perry; swish swish, bish


This €950 Balenciaga shopper that looks the image of a paper shopping bag


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