The 10 best outfits I've saved on Instagram this week

Our Deputy Digital Editor looks to Instagram for outfit inspiration each week 

Turns out I'm really into gingham. I don't know if the boredom of sitting at home has turned my head towards the cutest, most kitschy-print I could go for, but there it is — gingham is my new favourite.

The outfits I've saved this week make up a funny collection — mostly because they're all self-confessed throwbacks. Influencers are entering a funny time in their career in the midst of this outbreak (aren't we all?) and we all find ourselves a little less concerned with fashion and beauty than we were before. I suppose I've continued to save outfits to my folder because I like the distraction — and I hope you guys do too.

Here's what I've loved this week...


All black and a red lip will never go out of style

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I'm goin' up the country, baby don't you want to go?

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A gingham dream by one of my favourite new brands La Veste

The perfect hat-coat-scarf situation for a rainy day (here's hoping we won't have to recreate it)

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Picnic on the beach 🧺

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Only Susie Bubble could concoct a coronavirus look as chic as this

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I don’t need a round of applause for self isolating. This is merely a response that I feel makes common and scientific sense - But... I’ve been very disturbed by the social media witch-hunting diatribes, hollering “Stay the fuck at home!” to everyone as if it were so easy. It’s preaching that most likely has a counter productive effect of deterring people from self isolating - Let’s be frank here. This is a completely unprecedented situation where people are suddenly overnight being asked to give up their freedom of movement. In the UK, we have had very confusing and conflicting advice and people are in limbo. Bars and restaurants are still open but we’re told not to frequent them. How do they care for their isolated loved ones? Schools are still open and that leaves parents and teachers in hard predicaments - And more importantly, the ability and flexibility to work from home and self isolate is only afforded to a few. They dominate our social media feeds because they have financial cushions to stay at home figuring out ways of concocting açai berry smoothies. Even as I think about what a “respite” this down time is, that already feels ridiculous when other people’s livelihoods are being obliterated - This pic on this feed ostensibly is “content” created in the comfort of my own home. Freelancers and creatives will have a tough time but there are also ways of pitching, hustling and working out some kind of solution - That sadly doesn’t apply to the millions of zero hour contract workers, who have to travel to work, and don’t have the luxury of self isolating. (Also FYI #StayHomeCooking isn’t a temporary fun hobby - that’s just day to day life for most) - And to be clear, I applaud the strength and efforts of those in China, Italy, and now Spain and France where the lockdowns are imposed and entrenched - But let’s have some empathy for everybody’s extenuating circumstances. It is my civic duty to self isolate but I realise that won’t be possible for scores of people. The divides, fears and suspicions that this crisis has brought about doesn’t need to be exacerbated by people rabidly turning on each other in these mad times

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File under: how to wear a waistcoat while actually looking stylish (also: gingham)

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Gingham again, courtesy of JW Anderson's new collection with Uniqlo

I know she says 80's but I'm getting the most perfect 70's vibe from this Ferragmo mini

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Time travel back to the 80s @ferragamo 📻

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A library of throwbacks from Anum Bashir, and each one is great

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#Quarantined #FromTheArchives #VintageDM #TB

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The Rixo mini that I will wear everywhere as soon as is humanly possible

And finally, the springy combination we'd all love to be wearing out and about right now

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🌼It’s spring inside🌼 Stay safe everyone!

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