So This Woman Dyed Her Toddler's Hair And I Can't Help It... I'm JUDGING

Okay, so I used to love to think that I was not a judgemental person. Don't we all?

Lately, however, I've had to accept that I may, in fact, be as judgemental as the next judgey cow. Becoming a parent very particularly exposed me as a judgmental b*tch. This was not easy information for me to accept about myself and I was a long time fully coming to terms with it.

I used to say that unless someone was literally getting their infant tattooed then I couldn't summon the will to care how the hell they chose to raise their loin fruit. Then I'd see those babies with their ears pierced and I have a momentary inner-cringe which I'd have to hastily brush under the Judgment Rug, because like I said I?was?not a judgemental person, remember? You do you and all that.

Then I spotted the Instagram account of majestic?human mermaid, Charity Grace LeBlanc and that judgey little inner b*tch voice was immediately like "oh my god, why would you dye a toddler's hair?"


"Shut up, Judgey," I hissed at her, but the voice was kind of persistent.

So what business is it of mine what a stranger on the internet chooses to do with her child's hair? None whatsoever. However, I couldn't help but feel it was a sad message to be encouraging in a two-year-old. Change yourself. Your body can be improved on. This is a message we, as women, are battling our whole damn lives long why introduce it so early? Why introduce it at all? And presumably, LeBlanc's little girl is receiving a lot of attention for her new look which is reinforcing that message. Change yourself.

Commending my friend's daughters for being beautiful is something I've had to very consciously train myself out of. And of course I don't have a blanket ban on telling children that they are beautiful ? I say it to my sons and my friends' kids all the time but I am trying'very hard to not make their appearance my first stop on the conversation train when talking to little girls.

You might argue that this is overthinking the whole thing, however, our generation is arguably the generation most poisoned by the politics of beauty. Most of us are engaged in a daily beauty pageant on social media, the pressure to be pretty means that young women are starving themselves and hurting themselves, injecting everything from filler to their own f*cking blood into their faces all because?our society has convinced them that they are not good enough as they are.


So yeah, I think I'm going to keep judging on this one.

What do you think? Am I going too deep on this? Would you dye you child's hair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments...?

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