Watch: Sisters Overcome With Joy After Finding Baby Brother Under Christmas Tree

With just weeks until the big day, it is time for the inevitable'deluge of "kids reacting to their Christmas presents" videos and this is the perfect clip to get the ball rolling. Two sisters from the US got the greatest Christmas gift EVER after their parents completely surprised them, placing their new baby brother under their Christmas tree.

The Solstad family from Texas adopted a new baby boy, Nathan, this month and his siblings had no idea, as their parents kept it a secret before telling them and filmed their priceless reactions. It makes for an amazing watch. The children's mother, Courtney explained in a post on Facebook:?"We met them at the door and told them that we had been out Christmas shopping and got them a gift to share? and it was under the tree!"

The joyful reactions are incredible; the girls'squeal,?cry and literally jump with happiness - they are beside themselves. The fact that baby Nathan (pictured above) is lying next to?a chalkboard with?a 'Christmas Wish List'?that says, "for my mom and dad to have the baby they desire," makes it all the more touching. We particularly love seven-year-old Maci's excitable "Is it really a boy?" towards the end - ?the look on her animated face is brilliant.?We have one word for this: Awww!

The burning question: How will Santa possibly?top that gift come Christmas morning?


Watch it below:

Image via Mashable

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