Watch: Dog And Baby Have Same Reaction To Dad Coming Home And It's So Cute

Time for some Friday morning feels. We've all had that feeling of a pet greeting us as we return home from work. When we say pet, we really mean dog, because we've never met a cat who gave a proverbial whether we're dead or alive. It's the highlight of their day, and as though they've not seen you for years, or they're about to send you off to war, they're going to show you their devotion and delight by jumping up and down until you scoop them up in your arms and return the love. The only thing better than that is when it's the excitement of your own baby who cannot believe their luck that you're about to come home and snuggle them. The only thing better than that? When your baby and your dog have the exact same reaction to your homecoming and your ovaries (if you have them) dissolve into one big mess of emotion.

Watch this video, it will give you all kinds of endorphins to kick start your weekend.


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