These Are The Top 10 Ways Parents Mortify Their Children

We've all been in a situation where our beloved parents have mortified the hell out of us. However unknowingly they may do it (and we know they sometimes do it deliberately), the cringe-worthy moments are engrained in our heads forever. But what's the ultimate way our folks can embarrass us?

According to a new survey, it's our mums or dads doing a silly or inappropriate dance. Yep, that'll do it every time.

The Telegraph reports that the survey was commissioned to mark the start of Island Beats, Thope Park's summer-long music festival.

Your parents dancing, showing you public displays of affection (aw, we don't think that's too bad) and using youth slang are the most embarrassing things parents do to make their children cringe, according to the research.

Here are the top 10 ways parents embarrass their children:

  1. Dad/mum dancing
  1. Public displays of affection - to children or with each other
  1. Using outdated slang and trying to join in with "youth speak" or "youthful lingo"
  1. Wearing age-inappropriate clothes
  1. Telling cringe-worthy stories, anecdotes or baby stories
  1. Tidying up after children
  1. Joining social media and friending children (that just sounds weird, but it's the actual term used in the survey)
  1. Being useless at tech in general
  1. Talking about the facts of life (we thought this one would be much higher)
  1. Drinking too much

And the reason watching your parents attempting to dance is so embarrassing? Well, according to the poll, on average, people stop learning new dance moves at the age of 25 - so any party pieces that your parents decide to boogie or preform to are likely to be years old, hence the feelings of shame and/or I-want-to-die-embarrassment.

The research revealed that parents of children aged five to 20 found that 70 percent are stuck in what's called a "generational time warp" and thus act far younger than their age, about 20 percent if you want to be exact.

And finally, children were revealed to be the most embarrassed by their parents at the age of 14.

What items can you check off the above list? We know at least two or three of these will have happened to you.


Via The Telegraph

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