The Cutest/Scariest Toddler Ever

  • by IMAGE

This is either really really cute, or really really terrifying; you decide. This video shows a wee Northern Irish girl trying her best to concentrate through her rendition of a song from Frozen, but finds herself distracted by the laughter of her parents, who clearly find her to be the most adorable thing since teacup pigs.

The cuteness soon fades as this kid transforms into a raging disciplinarian, giving out stink to her parents for being so rude as to laugh. She's got a point in fairness. It's the anger in her eyes and the pointing finger that really makes us fear for our lives, and by the sounds of it, she's frightened the living daylights out of her mother too.

At least she's well aware of her right and wrongs. Never laugh during a performance. NEVER. Or be prepared to suffer this little lady's wrath.


So, cute or nightmare inducing?

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