For The First Time In 100 Years, Frozen's 'Elsa' Becomes Hugely Popular Baby Name

Wondering what to name your baby this year? Looking for something old school, yet topical, and perhaps Disney themed? Well, thanks to the success of Frozen, the name Elsa has re-entered the top 500 most popular names after a brief hiatus that lasted 97 years.

This news comes from the American Social Security Administration, who reveal that there were 1131 girls named Elsa in 2014, up 528 from the previous year. Elsa isn't the only Frozen name regaining popularity in the last year; both Kristoff and Hans are also making a comeback. So influential has this movie been, there were even 22 baby boys named Olaf in 2014, and 55 Svens. Will you be naming your baby after a snowman?



Of course the popularity of Disney characters, especially princess names, have long been influencing expectant parents the world over. Since Brave hit our screens back in 2012, there have been over 100 new baby girls named Merida.

Will Elsa have the same influence here in Ireland?

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