D&G's Child Collection is Absurdly Beautiful

Can we get that in adult?

From the Italian powerhouse of fashion that brought you baby perfume - yes, really ?we present Dolce & Gabbana's Autumn/Winter collection for children. You may think buying leggings in bulk and throwing on whatever silly logo tee you got for less than fiver will do your offspring when it comes to sartorial efforts, but in a world where Suri Cruise exists and Blue Ivy attends the VMAs the rulebook has been rewritten. It has been rewritten as a limitless chequebook.

Or you can just ignore the pressure to garb your baby in a designer baby gro and just feast your eyes on the sumptous auntumanl offerings from D&G. Amid all the distinctive and iconic prints we're sensing a touch of Disney's Frozen.

Exhibit A:


Capes are very in. Capes that make your little girl into Queen Elsa are necssary.

Also those boots. While they may not be jumping-into-puddle suitable, they are very Kingdom of Arendelle worthy.

Although perhaps a designer balaclava is a step too far...

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