Cutest Baby Ever Cries When His Book Is Finished. Every Time.

Here's a baby that knows the sorrow of a finished book. How will you woo yourself to sleep now that you're done? What if the ending was sad? What if it was brilliant, and you're sad it's over? There are just too many legitimate reasons to be sad by the final page of your beloved book and despite being only ten months old, this kid's struggle is real. Or as his super cute t-shirt says, 'the snuggle is real'.

We've all been there, that moment you decide to facep-plant the ground because now you've got to find a whole new book. ?Emmett has a mini-meltdown every time we finish a book,? the baby's father, a video producer, shared on Twitter. ?This kid really loves his books.? Now, the video has garnered almost half a million views in just two days.

Also can we just take a moment to fawn over his adorable little mohawk? And the look of pure delight and wonder as he watches his mother tell the riveting story?


Our ovaries.

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