Adele Defends Mothers Who Can't Breastfeed

It has been widely documented that when it comes to newborns, 'breast is best.' A hugely contentious issue and one that always makes the news, breastfeeding, for some women, isn't always a viable option. For the most part, those who don't breastfeed are just short of being chased down pitchforks online but what so many are ignorantly unaware of is that it may not be a case of a new mother simply not being bothered with breastfeeding, but that for whatever reasons, she can't. Perhaps these women will find some comfort in the most recent A-list celebrity to speak out in their defence: Adele. The Oscar winning superstar took a moment to raise the subject whilst on tour, and her comments come after Jamie Oliver's endorsement of the boob, claiming that breastfeeding is not only best, but easier and more convenient for women. Here's what got Adele all riled up:

"Breast-feeding mommies? You know what, it's fucking ridiculous. All those people who put pressure on us, you can go fuck yourselves, all right?"

"It's hard," explained Adele, mother to Angelo since 2012. "Some of us can't do it. I managed about nine weeks with my boobs."

The star also spoke of her fondness of formula and how she'd have been lost without it: "I mean, I loved [using formula]. All I wanted to do was breast-feed, and then I couldn't. And then I felt like, If I was in the jungle now, back in the day, my kid would be dead because my milk's gone."


Watch her discuss the issue of 'bressure' here:

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