Pharmaton Active Life Healthy Hub Seminar

  • by IMAGE

150 IMAGE readers gathered at The Morrisson Printworks for the Pharmaton Healthy Hub seminar to listen to TV3's Karen Koster and all-round health and fitness guru, Karl Henry, as they gave their top tips for looking good and feeling great for the upcoming party season.

Everyone is mindful of being 'LBD' ready for party season so Karl's tips were eagerly noted as we snacked on healthy fruit juices and flapjacks. We thought these tips were especially good...

  • Watch the calories in your party drinks - try a vodka, sparkling water and fresh lime - a fresh, zetsy, very low-cal option.
  • Those walks and natters with a pal are all very well, but if you can still talk with ease, you're not hitting the right level of effort and calorie burning. Aim for almost breathless!
  • Drinking green tea and dry body brushing are superb prep to get you in shape.
  • Write down your fitness and weight loss goals, visualise them and then work towards them. Work off a list, it's much more effective.
  • Take Pharmaton Active Life along with two litres of water per day for optimal energy levels.

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