The October Issue: Editor's Welcome

September is the new January.

In fashion terms at least.

It’s when the new season starts and excitement builds for the AW collections, which we – here in Ireland – will wear for at least nine months of the year. But for me, personally, October has always signified new beginnings, and not just because it’s when I panic-buy my winter coat (yes, I’m one of them).

I was born in October, and while I’ve never been big into birthdays, I’ve always taken it as my cue to reassess and feel gratitude for making it thus far. I say I’ve never been into birthdays, but that’s not strictly true. I make an exception for the big ones. Those that end in a zero. My 30th turned into such a riot of month-long celebrations, my then boss gave it the moniker of “Rosie Stock”.

This year, I’m celebrating my 40th, and I don’t intend to let the occasion pass quietly. Part one of the festivities include a great big family and friends swim in the Forty Foot. What better way to feel alive than by plunging oneself into the freezing Irish Sea and challenging your loved ones to do the same? Living in a culture that slobbers over the young means ageing can be daunting, but it’s inevitable, and if you’re lucky enough to live to reach the big milestones, then that is something to be celebrated and cherished, not feared.

On the off chance my cheery outlook on life this month is making you a little nauseous, I’ve made inroads to address the balance by tasking one of our favourite contributors, Sophie White, to pen a piece about “The Downside of Positivity”. The result will not just make you laugh, but strongly reassess your hashtag usage. If that doesn’t make you instantly feel better, check out our stunning cover shoot on page 62. This season’s embellished showstoppers and eclectic prints are bound to boost your mood.


Until next month,

Rosaleen McMeel,


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