Miss You Already Special Fundraising Screening With The Irish Cancer Society

When was the last time you saw a truly heartwarming depiction of a true female friendship on screen? It's been a few years since Thelma and Louise drove off into the unknown. Likewise with First Wives Club, Clueless?and the forgotten classic that is Mystic Pizza. Beyond Bridesmaids and The Heat, female friendship doesn't seem to lighting a spark in Hollywood executives heads - despite the fact audiences gravitate towards movies which showcase ordinary women going through extraordinary moments, coping as well as they can with the help of their best friends. There's a reason we never stray from a late night channel surfing session which throws up weepy classic Beaches - these movies are rare?creatures beloved by viewers for generations after.

It's because of this gap in women's stories onscreen that we have the Bechdel Test, a measurement which spotlights movies that present women as flat plan characters. How does a movie pass this test? It must feature at least two named women who talk to each other about something other than a man. Scratch your head over that one.


All of the above is feeding into our excitement over the upcoming Miss You Already, a heart-warming and heart-breaking tale of female friendship, loyalty and strength. Expect a lot of WhatsApp meet-up plans to revolve around?Miss You Already. The plot follows the friendship between two opposites - Milly (Toni Collette), the woman who has everything: a successful career; a rock-star husband and two beautiful children, and her best friend Jess (Drew Barrymore), who works in a community garden; lives in a boathouse with her boyfriend Jago and desperately wants a baby. Ever since childhood Jess and Milly have lived entwined lives. Then Milly is hit with the life-changing news that she has breast cancer and needs Jess's support more than ever. Can there be too much pressure in a friendship? Or are some relationships forged so deep, that not even the shadow of tragedy can tear them apart?

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The film's cast is pretty fabulous. Catherine Hardwicke is on directing duties. With a resum? that covers Twilight and Thirteen she has her finger on the pulse of tumultuous?female transition. And can the actors get any more ideal? Our girl crush on Drew Barrymore is unshakeable and Toni Collette's skill is indisputable. From Little Miss Sunshine to About A Boy and Muriel's Wedding, her every performance is a searing masterclass.

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On September 21st, Entertainment One will hold a very special charity screening of Miss You Already in Light House Cinema with all proceeds going to the Irish Cancer Society. The event promises to be a fabulous ladies? evening out with a West Coast Cooler reception beforehand and incredible goodie bags for everyone courtesy of Boots. There will be lots more surprises on the evening so make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity to see the film before it opens in cinemas on September 25th.

What??Miss You Already Special Fundraising Preview Screening

When??Monday 21st September 2015, 6.30pm

Where??Light House Cinema, Smithfield Square

How much? And where can we get tickets? Tickets are??25 each, which includes goodie bag and a tipple at the pre-screening reception. If you want to make a proper gals' night of it, there's a €45 ?best friends? double ticket early bird offer. Book tickets here.


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