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Earlier this month we talked about five women who have found their lives transformed by the power of blogging. Young women like Tavi Gevinson have seen unimaginable careers spring from the simple act of publishing their opinions. However, blogging isn't just a woman's game. We take a look at the men who have caught our eye with their internet skills. From fashionable gents to Instagram celebrities, these boys are on monthly pageviews fire.

Bryan Grey Yambao is known to the fashion world and general internet populace as Bryanboy. This Filipino blogger began his blogging journey in his early twenties while living at home in Manila. Fast forward a few years and he's a front row sensation. Marc Jacobs even named a bag after him. Selfies with fashion royalty such as Anna Wintour are de rigeur.


We don't know where to start when explaining the concept of Dan Bilzerian. This American poker player is the bad boy of Instagram. The word cad is far too polite and charming to describe a man who recently threw adult star Janice Griffith from his mansion roof in the direction of his pool only for her to break her leg. According to Wikipedia Bilzerian majored in Business and Criminology and was kicked out of the navy SEALs. He now dedicates his life to gambling and being surrounded by women in bikinis who he ferries around in helicopters. This is what sepia filters and a society that devoted newspaper articles to The Game creates. Bilzerian is what your mother calls a terrible, terrible man. The fact the least offensive photo we could find of the guy depicts him shooting a machine gun while wearing a white suit speaks volumes. He has nearly four million followers on Instagram and while we might be stretching the definition of blogger we feel Bilzerian deserves a mention for his social media pulling power.

Nialler9 is one of the Irish blogging scenes breakout stars. His blog has transcended into a fulltime website that is the go-to for the latest on Irish music news and the best new releases. Niall Byrne - his offline name - has been blogging since 2005 and can now claim to have the most popular music blog in Ireland. The last decade has been a blitz of awards for Nialler9 as well as curating roles, journalism gigs and a radio show with TXFM.

Adam Gallagher started blogging in 2009 while still in high school. This veteran now has his own website and is now one of the most fashionable men on Instagram, where his prerry James Dean looks attract all the favourites. His stylised shoots are pretty fab and we love his embrace of the word ?handsome? for men looking to express themselves through clothes, ?When females dress to go out or doll themselves up, that makes them feel?beautiful. But what's there to say for men?? Check it all out over at

The Grey Fox Blog is as charming as it sounds. David Evans is the debonair fox in question and ever since 2011 has been scribbling away about fashion for men over forty. Evans felt there was a dearth of fashion writing for the mature man and that advertisers forget it's not all loose jeans and checked shirts once the greys take over. Evans proves time and time again that this market is hungry for stylish solutions and we have to say he rocks a suit better than any young star on the red carpet. Spend you evening at and find your new style icon.


Do you know any impressive men, or women, who deserve a nomination for the #IMAGEblogawards??

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