It's Time To Have Fun With Festive Scenting!

With the festive season just around the corner (the Christmas lights are already on people!), it's time to start planning your Christmas throw-down.

While everyone loves a hefty chunk of holiday cheer, some parties around this time can fall into a repetitive rut when it comes to celebration ideas. In the final installment of a four-part series, we'll be talking with entertainment experts on how to switch update tired Christmas trends top create a fun and festive soiree your friends will be begging you to host annually.

We've already covered the food, drinks and decorations but what about scenting our home? With a to-do list as long as our arm it's easy to forget this small but crucial step in the Christmas timeplan. Alison Banton, fragrance designer from Brooke & Shoals, tells us just why scenting should be at the top of our Christmas to-do lists.


The Importance Of Scenting


At this time of year when the weather is cold and windy, the concept of "cocooning" is key. Cocooning is where we enhance our home environment and make it more attractive and pleasant as we spend more time there. Lighting scented candles has a two-fold enhancement effect in cocooning. The flickering glow brings a natural comfort to us in the dark evenings and the backdrop of a beautiful scent in a room can reinforce our feelings of pleasure and contentment.


This Year's Festive Trends

Certain fragrances are more popular at different times of year. We have now moved on from Spring florals and Summery citrus scents. During Autumn and Winter, home fragrances become more intense and woody with elements of spice intermingled with green notes.

As December approaches we all spend a few weeks of the year loving any scent with hints of cinnamon and clove, and our own Brooke & Shoals Christmas scent "Cinnamon & Cedar" brings together elements of all things festive in one pretty ribbon-tied box.

But once January comes our olfactory pallet moves on to search for something new. Keeping in mind the dark evenings and need for comfort, the all-important woody and spicy notes are still needed for the cocooning effect.




Alison's Favourite Scent

Oud is a very on-trend scent at present and it is currently my favourite fragrance note. So we have developed a beautiful scent for New Year called Saffon Patchouli & Oud.? This aroma brings together the deep resinous base notes of Oud from Agarwood, with earthy herbaceous Patchouli and warm notes of saffron spice, and makes it the perfect backdrop for entertaining. This lovely twist to the scent will bring it seamlessly from Winter into Spring and make it your all-year-round favourite fragrance. That's why it's what all the best-dressed homes will be scented with in 2016 !

Want to hear more about scenting? Join Alison this evening at the Marker to learn about scenting the different parts of your home and exactly how to create the perfect ambience over the Christmas period.


So are you officially in the festive spirit now? Join Allison, along with Sandra Murphy, food and drinks expert at The Marker Hotel, Ruth Monahan of Appassionata Flowers and Gareth Mullins, Executive Chef at The Marker Hotel, for an evening of seasonal celebrations with cocktails, a five-course meal and the inside track on how to make Christmas extra special this year.?You'll leave with notes, know-how and a luxury gift bag worth €200!


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