How To Succeed In The Healthcare Industry According To Kay Connolly

Imagine having to run the gauntlet between patients, staff and government bodies- emotions, egos and bureaucracy (not necessarily in that order). Kay Connolly has to do it every single working day. You’d need to be part grafter, part crusader and part diplomat but 100% sound to survive, let alone succeed. Learn how she does it at the next IMAGE Networking Breakfast, Friday, October 27.

Having worked her way up the career ladder, IMAGE’s 2016 Management Professional of the Year Kay Connolly knows full well what it’s like to stare challenge in the face. Her advice for anyone who might be afraid of a change in role or new career path is this: “Seize every opportunity. Believe in yourself. Be fair, loyal, respectful and trustworthy. And work hard.”

Trust us: Kay has much, much more wisdom to impart and will be speaking about productivity at our next Networking Breakfast this Friday October 27th along with TV3’s Debbie O’Donnell and Communications dynamo Natasha Fennell.

For the last 32 years, Kay Connolly has striven to improve the care of patients, from her early days as a nurse through her various roles in St Vincent’s University Hospital, including lead assistant director of nursing and director of unscheduled care, that culminated in her appointment as chief operating officer in 2016.


Now, as COO of one of Ireland’s largest acute level 4 hospitals, with a staff complement of over 2,500, Connolly has successfully negotiated the challenges faced by the healthcare sector all the while improving services and efficiency. The secret? “The patient comes first – always. Also, being willing to try new initiatives and not being afraid of failure.” Her advice is to “not expect others to do anything you are not willing to do yourself; and always strive to do better.

“The Sisters of Charity founded St Vincent’s University Hospital. There’s a tradition of women working at the highest level of this organisation. There are hugely talented and skilled women working across all disciplines. I would, however, like to see the hospital be even more recognised for its excellence in its provision of quality of patient care and services.”

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