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Kathy Sheridan drifted into journalism about 20 years ago and ?? to her continuing astonishment has spent the time getting a close-up on everything from elections in Afghanistan, the aftermath of €9/11, the south-east Asian tsunami, war in Kosovo and the bleak heart of Chernobyl. We ask Kathy six questions ahead of next week's IMAGE Networking Breakfast...

The heart of a good interview? It can be people's early lives and influences. If they were the first in the family or neighbourhood to go to university for example, that tells you something about character.

How do you prepare? Read up. Talk to people who know the subject. Strategise. Don't be evil.

Tips for good colour?

  1. It's harder than it looks.
  2. Look relaxed. Gather witty/ insightful/ poignant observations. Locate writing surface. Spend 10 of 60 sweaty, precious minutes deciphering notes. Grind out 700 words of ?effortless? prose. Sweat over the rotten wi-fi. Ignore frantic calls from newsdesk.

Biggest impact? A case taken by a young couple against a maternity hospital, decades ago. My first lesson in corporate evasiveness and the value of prompt, respectful, honest communication.

Effect of digital on longform writing? There will always be people who value understanding over information. I hope.

Txtspk? Nvr.

Kathy will speak at the next?IMAGE Networking Breakfast with Claire Byrne and Shane Pearson in the Marker Hotel at 7.30am on Thursday, March 12. Tickets are just €45 and are available?here. For more information, email [email protected] or call 01 271 9653.

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