Everything You Need To Know About Productivity: Expert Natasha Fennell

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As the business hamster wheel never slows down, it can be a daunting challenge to consistently stay on top of your 'to do' lists. Ahead of our 'Making It Happen' Image Networking Breakfast this Friday, October 27,  Natasha Fennell, director at Stillwater Communications, shares what it takes to stay motivated and consistently productive!


Can you tell us a little about your work as a Communications Coach?

Most of the time, I’m working behind the scenes with professional people at all levels. I help them discover, develop and communicate their story, whether it’s for a media interview, a presentation at a conference, a job interview or through a public relations campaign.


The two key ingredients to our approach at Stillwater are storytelling and confidence. Essentially, we help people tell their story with confidence. Despite the proliferation of technology in our everyday lives, human interaction is still the most powerful way to communicate.

When it comes to getting the job done, what are the best motivating factors?

When we have a busy week ahead at Stillwater Communications, we apply our Three P’s Rule: Plan every day, maintain Perspective and always be Positive.

What are the most effective ways to stay consistently productive?

Lists, lists, lists. Prioritise your tasks and see your workload from the client’s perspective. Myself and my colleagues take two hours of quiet time every morning and we find this to be really beneficial in getting through our workload. It’s so easy to be distracted and derailed, but staying focused and continuously prioritising are fundamental to being productive.

When working with teams, can you suggest good ways to build rapport and get great relationships going?

There are a few things that are fundamental when building a great team:


1. I always use my instinct when hiring staff and look for people with values that are aligned to ours at Stillwater Communications. Cultural fit is paramount.

2. I recognise people’s strengths and I support them in areas that they find challenging. I’m always trying to build people’s capacity, thereby increasing their confidence.

3. I always show appreciation to my team for the work that they do. It’s really important to acknowledge and praise your team for the contribution and efforts they make. Nothing brings a team down faster than depriving them of support and encouragement.

Hear Natasha, and fellow panelists, Xpose's Debbie O'Donnell and Kay Connolly, Chief  Operating Officer at St. Vincent's University Hospital talk about 'Making It Happen' at our Networking Breakfast, Friday, October 27. 

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