Natasha Fennell joined Networking Breakfast

Natasha Fennell joins panel for May's IMAGE Networking Breakfast

Bringing inspirational speakers together to share their experiences with IMAGE readers, the panel at May's Networking Breakfast is one of our most impressive yet. On Friday, May 22 we welcome Lucy Gaffney, Chairperson of the Communicorp group, Anne O'Leary, CEO of Vodafone Ireland, and now can announce that they will be joined by author, trainer and communications expert Natasha Fennell, a favourite of Networking Breakfast attendees.

Each will speak on the topic of?A Woman's World? The challenges and rewards as a woman in business.

Natasha is a director at Stillwater Communications and is co-author of the number 1 best-seller, The Daughterhood, with R?is?n Ingle. At this event, she will look at the obstacles that many women face when pursuing a top position in their careers. She'll then explore the main reasons behind these barriers, the changes that need to happen, and the things that we can do now, today, to enable women to flourish alongside men in the workplace.


Ever the voice of reason, and with a very workable, solution-based approach to business relationships, Natasha will bring the learnings of others to light, and interpret them in context of our own career journeys.

Not to be missed, tickets for the IMAGE Networking Breakfast can be bought <here>

We will also have a luxury Liz Earle seat gift for each attendee.

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