Dublin Legend Andrea Horan Has Tons To Say About Starting A Business

Andrea Horan is an entrepreneur; a communicator; a glitter activist and sometimes aspires to be a drag queen. Following ten glorious years spent in youth communications agency Thinkhouse, she did a major pivot and founded Tropical Popical nail bar in 2012. In case you live under a rock, it's the now legendary place where Saoirse Ronan goes for nail art so off-the-charts-good that Ellen de Generes gave it a shout out on her show.

Tropical Popical has provided Horan with a platform to explore her interest in art (she's collaborated with the RHA and the National Gallery of Ireland) as well as a chance to create little bits of magic on clients' talons and toes. It’s also allowed her to do the type of work that she most enjoys – meeting locals within a kitsch, creative space of entirely her own making.

Every day, Andrea celebrates her belief in the three F’s - feminism, femininity and fun – through Tropical Popical and her not-for-profit venture The Hunreal Issues.  Established to mobilise the army of women who feel apathetic towards politics in general and reproductive rights in particular, the latter is a hub for both proven and would-be activists. If you fancy learning more about where the next Repeal march is or want some right-on merch, bookmark it.

In the meantime, come meet Andrea in person.  She'll be joining jeweller Louise Stokes of Loulerie and florists Rachel Pearle and Hazel Walker, besties who combined forces to open Bloom in Ballsbridge for our first Young Businesswomen's Forum of 2018 on Tuesday, January 30th.

Join us all in the gorgeous Westbury Hotel for an evening of insight, laughs and networking as we hear about the highs and lows of business from four unique women working in three fascinating fields. There will be plenty of  frank, honest insights about what it's like to start a business from scratch (and, as ever, fabulous seat gifts aplenty)!



Tuesday, January 30
Champagne and canapés from 6pm


The Westbury Hotel, Dublin 2


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or call 01 271 9687


*Includes luxury gifts and treats for all

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