Smashing That Glass Ceiling: 5 Minutes With Career Coach Natasha Fennell

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Ahead of Friday's IMAGE Networking Breakfast in The Marker Hotel, we sat down for five minutes with career coach Natasha Fennell, to find out how to break our own glass ceilings.?

Why do people come to you?

?Because they want to tell a story; one that has impact and one that people remember. When you break things down, we communicate everything through stories, and in shaping messages for media, for job interviews or great presentations, the strength of the communication comes through the power of the story that surrounds it."

Does the glass ceiling still exist?

?Yes it does, but it's not necessarily the gender one we all commonly think of, it can also be ethnicity or socio-economic group, or something entirely of our own making, because this mythical ?glass ceiling? is really just an obstacle put in our way to prevent us from getting where we want to be. Everyone has their own glass ceiling and everyone has two choices, to succumb to it, or to find a way around it. I help people develop a strategy for the latter.?


What does such a strategy consist of?

?There are two main areas to work on: Firstly, to develop skills relevant to progress, then to hone our key personal traits and how we use them. Combining things like writing, presenting and tech skills with effective communication forms the basis of our personal brand, which is the key to getting around a glass ceiling.?

Can you tell us more about personal brands?

?A personal brand is basically what you want to be known for internally and externally at work. It's what colleagues know you for, and what you want clients to perceive you as. Building your own bespoke brand will propel you forward in your career, it's not just something for celebrities and CEOs, there's always a place you can go beyond.?

Hear Natasha talk about personal brands and how we can create our own corporate identities at Friday's IMAGE Networking Breakfast.


Friday, October 21



from 7.30am - 10am


The Marker Hotel, Dublin 2

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