Clean Start: The Social Pics

  • by IMAGE

In Thursday evening The Marker Hotel was buzzing with a crowd waiting to ?join IMAGE editor-in-chief Melanie Morris and special guests for chats, learnings and tips on wellness, goal setting, great tips and super fitness advice, plus a few yummy treats and plenty of great surprises.

Guests were greeted with canap's especially created by The Marker Hotel staff to befit the occasion with nutritious mouthfuls and green juices packed with antioxidants and flavour.

Soon they were ushered into the main room to greet our three super-talented experts, but first ?attendees were delighted to discover amazing luxury gift bags on every seat, filled with healthful goodies. Every attendee received two Thalgo products, Roobars and Oatcakes from?Nairns to snack on, as well as Coconut Oil and a Tiger notebook for the furious note-taking to come.

First up was Emma Buckley, Head of Nutrition for Gourmet Fuel. She spoke about the importance of developing and nurturing a healthy relationship with food and a?career path that has spanned continents to focus on creating programmes for individuals, companies and athletes, and large-scale corporate wellness programmes.

She was followed up by Liz Costigan Fleury. A fitness trainer, yoga teacher and wellness advocate, Liz discussed how healthy balance differs for every individual and the necessity to discover your own happy medium between living life to its fullest and eating right.


Finally, Calgary Avansino, contributing editor to British Vogue and published author took the stage. She spoke of the importance of teaching children about food value and its origins to give them a greater appreciation for what we eat and the need to have a broad palette from an early age in order to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with food through to adulthood.

As guests began to wrap up they were delighted to hear that four were to walk away with 'Le Drunch' gift cards from the Marker and one lucky tweeter walked away with a month's supply from Gourmet Fuel.


Photographs: Anthony Woods

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