BMW X2 Launch at Eatyard: Social Pictures

Last Friday March 9th, IMAGE helped launch the brand new BMW X2 for an exciting event at Eatyard. BMW had teamed up with Eatyard to launch their newest model, and what better way to do it than to put two brand new cars in the Bernard Shaw, so that the guests could have some real life Carpool Karaoke. The night was made even better by the fact that we were joined by designer and entrepreneur Chupi Sweetman, and graffiti artist Barry Finnegan to find out what drives their inspirations, aspirations and how they overcame tough challenges in their careers.

We asked our special guests about the best advice they'd ever received that keeps them going when things get tough. For Chupi, it was all about dreaming big. "Find your dream. I think we can all struggle with feeling lost, of not being sure of where you are going. I met a brilliant woman Joanne Hession who had become such an important mentor and she always asks what is your dream? What do you really really want and why aren’t you chasing it as hard as you can. It helps me keep my focus and know that I am working for my happiness," she said.

When we approached Barry about how he approaches his future goals, he showed us that he was a man after our own hearts; he loves a good list. "I would have a 'five-year plan' as it would go against my 'live every day' philosophy but I'm a big fan of making lists," he said. "My father's advice is to make a list every day and you'll get satisfaction from everything you get done that leads to the simple act of ticking that point off. Kind of like making your bed in the morning when the day ends, no matter how much you did or didn't get done, you thought enough of yourself to have
a made bed to come home to. Very comforting and so simple."

The night was the perfect way to launch such an exciting new model from BMW, especially as IMAGE were able to shine a light on the extremely exciting competition in association with them. We both empower and appreciate those who dare to think and exist differently. We want to help inspire people to follow their dreams and chase them to make it a reality. IMAGE, in association with BMW is offering one lucky winner the opportunity to do just that. The kind people at BMW are willing to contribute €1000 towards one lucky winner's big dream and all you have to do is tell us to let us know in a couple of sentences what your dream is and just what it means to you. BMW will pick the most admirable and inspirational dream and award that winner with €1000 seed money to reach that dream. #whodares


To enter, simply fill in your details and your inspirational dream at the form here. Best of luck!

Photographed by Kieran Harnett Photography

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