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Announcing the 1st Annual IMAGE Blog Awards 2014

As Publishing Company of the Year, we know great talent when we see it. We also know just how much work goes into creating something new and fresh in a crowded online space- after all we only recently had our first birthday, too. At, we're avid readers of all things interwebby, but it's home grown Irish bloggers we love best. Now, with your help, we'd like to recognise their considerable achievements. Whether it's the beauty blog you get all your best tips from, a source of amazing fashion inspiration, a cooking or interiors blog that inspires you to live a little better, or a source of opinion that makes you stop and think about news, culture or parenting in another light, it's time to acknowledge a job well done. And if you're the blogger behind blogs like these, we want to hear from you especially.

The Blog Awards will celebrate the highest quality writing that merges with a great aesthetic and solid functionality across 10 categories. They'll champion the clearest voices in their genres as well as one overall winner of the Blog of the Year 2014, who will be invited to be part of our own panel of valued writers contributing to

Please nominate your favourite blogs or your own blog here from July 21-Aug 11th. Our expert panel of renowned bloggers, writers and IMAGE editors will then compile a shortlist, which will be open to public voting on from the 18th of August to the 15th of September 2014.


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