5 Minutes With Irish Designer Joanne Hynes

Ahead of our next IMAGE Young Businesswomen's Forum on Wednesday, May 10 at The Westbury Hotel, we had a quick catch up with Irish designer and panellist?Joanne Hynes.

You are known for so many fashion moments but how would you describe your'design ethos?
Instinctual, personal, unconventional.

What did you learn from your college years in Limerick? And in London?
To trust my instinct and not be afraid to be myself.

Who inspires you and why?
The zeitgeist, in general, inspires me, if I get a feeling that something is new then I follow my gut. I'm attracted to newness.

What are the achievements you're most proud of in your career to date?
My archive of styles since 2001 makes me feel sentimental but proud and my new range JHxDS.


Fashion or accessories, which do you enjoy creating more?
I approach both with the same process so it's hard to choose, both feed each other. I adore accessories,?fashion keeps me on my toes!

Who wears your clothes well?
Strong, intelligent, unconventional and normal women.

How did the Dunnes Stores collaboration come about?
Margaret Heffernan is an amazing woman and wanted me to do "Joanne Hynes" and so it began,?and it's a wonderful thing.

What's next?
My?High Summer 17??"The Great Escape" collection launches on?May 12th?and Winter 2017 launches?in September. I am working on winter at the moment.

Hear Joanne and fellow panellists Siobhan Byrne and Jennifer Taaffe?talk about their businesses and how they started up at our IMAGE Young Businesswomen's Forum.

WHEN?Wednesday, May 10
Drinks and canap's from?6pm

WHERE?The Westbury Hotel, Dublin 2




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