Wrapping Inspiration from Instagram

If there is one thing about this season, it makes one very ambitious. Nigella's recipes are bookmarked. Gift lists are made on fancy paper with fancy pens. Then everything falls asunder because landlords don't suspend payments for the month of December and parties get in the way. However, this year we're determined to get one thing right, and that's our wrapping. Set aside a lunch hour to get the goods and then book an evening for some folding and selloptape. Mull wine if you must. Play Wham! as a necessity.

Here are five craftacular accounts making us swoon.*

*If you feel swoony while wrapping gifts please take a break because scissors and paper cuts can ruin a Christmas.


If this is the first year you've determined to surf the craft wave then stick to pretty basics. We love this simple style that leaves very little room for messing up. Lavender optional, but always the rustic cherry on top.


Brown paper packaging tied up in strings is always a good move - see previous. We love this loud spin on the old classic. Source some acid tones and bring the tropical cheer.


Knit your wrapping! We love this hip flask cover. Martha Stewart vibes for the twelve pubs crowd.


Grab a jazzy tote and fill it with a tidy pile of cute presents. Some ninky stationary, adorable knick knacks, maybe a baby bottle of gin? This is an ideal solution for the work colleague you always moan to and whose chat window is always open.


Looking for an alternative to the mass-produced ribbon corsage? Glitter bedecked feathers evoke an enchanted Christmas, think The Nutcracker, and will work as a decorative addition in a box full of goods.

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