World's Most Offensive Man?

His 'dating? techniques are at best highly offensive and at worst (but more accurately) completely abusive. His VISA was revoked in Australia and he was refused entry to the UK, and now over 10,000 people have signed this petition to keep him out of Ireland.

Blanc runs a group called ?Real Social Dynamics?, which, as it stands, are set to run a workshop in Dublin in June 2015. For $500 (along with a $2000 deposit, no less) the 25 year old American promises to teach Irish men psychological tricks to manipulate men. And no, this is unfortunately not a joke.

To be specific about some of the horrendous ?tactics?, this man is intending to teach men in Ireland to try out on us unsuspecting women, have a look at this image he posted on Twitter (and the inevitable vicious backlash that was subsequently deleted). This horrible wheel from the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, he said 'may as well be a checklist.?

To those of you wanting to give this man the benefit of the doubt, here are some emotional manipulation tactics which emerged on a Tumblr page entitled ?Tinder's Finalist Bachelors? (which incidentally would be enough to put you off the app forever). Julien's attempts of getting women to sleep with him on the app include calling women ?whores?, pretending that his father died and also that his sister was raped. Classy.


(Insults are so much harder to take seriously coming from someone who can't seem to spell the word 'pair' correctly).

Here's the awful man at work, telling a room of men that ?he has girls that he can just make cry on Skype? while he laughs with his friend about it.

If you'd like to keep this man from trying to fill any man in Ireland's head with the idea that emotional bullying and manipulation is sexy, you can sign the petition to keep him from running his workshop in June?here.

Hannah Popham @HannahPopham


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