Why We're Oh-So-Excited About Netflix's Jessica Jones

Longer evenings mean nights in, rooting through the cupboard for a rogue packet of microwaveable popcorn before settling down and devouring a boxset. Onesie optional. This November Netflix and Marvel are teaming up to present our hungry souls with Jessica Jones, a companion piece of sorts to Daredevil. Jessica Jones tells the story of a former female superhero, played by Krysten Ritter, who quits the cape game when something awful happens and decides to try her hand at being a private detective for Avenger types. And there's a sexy bartender love interest who may also possess superpowers?

All of the above? Our catnip. Here's why we're considering calling in sick come premiere day on November 20th.

Krysten Ritter Finally Gets Her Chance To Shine

Krysten Ritter is one of those actresses who, when you see her in a supporting role, makes you wonder why she isn't more of a ?name?. Ritter counts small parts in The Gilmore Girls, Confessions of a Shopaholic and Breaking Bad among her CV, but Jessica Jones will see her in the lead role she has long deserved. While ensemble shows like Orange is the New Black have introduced us to so many deserving female actresses, Jessica Jones is Krysten's show. Expect big things from this hard working gal.

We Need As Many Strong Female Protagonists As We Can Get


Marvel has come under a lot of justified fire for its portrayal of women. We're still waiting for a Black Widow movie and while we love Natalie Portman's Dr. Jane Foster in the Thor movies, it's high time the comic book movie studio gave us a female lead. Little girls deserve kickass heroines and us grown up ladies love it when women are in charge, not just relegated to the WAG or poster candy role. Jessica is dealing with post-traumatic stress, setting up a new business and paying rent in New York. She doesn't have time to wait around for a man to finish saving the world when she's got to sort out her own life.

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Carrie-Anne Moss Is Part Of The Main Cast

Forget all that leather in the Matrix trilogy, this show could well be the legacy Canadian actress Carrie-Anne Moss deserves. Moss plays the part of?Jeri Hogarth, a lawyer who helps our heroine. In the comics on which Jessica Jones is based, this role originally belonged to a man. Palpitations at the thought of such a female-centric cast.

The Show Deals With Sexuality In A Mature Manner

In an article for Vulture?Abraham Reisman reported on the scenes which got the most reaction at a screening of the pilot episode. It was the ones dealing with sex. Jessica Jones hooks up with a guy in the first episode and it is apparently rough and real. This is no perfume ad mild rolling underneath high thread cotton.?There are also characters with fluid sexuality and Carrie-Anne Moss is a powerful businesswoman who happens to be a lesbian. Thank you for taking reality into account Jessica Jones showrunners.?


The Male Love Interest

Where there is an empowered female lead, there is an interested man to inspire 'shipper? videos on YouTube. Jessica's love interest is one Luke Cage, a broad-shouldered Harlem barman with a complicated backstory played by the distractingly sexy African-American actor Mike Colter. Your hormones may remember him as Lemond Bishop, the uncomfortably attractive drug kingpin in The Good Wife. The even better news? Luke Cage is getting his own self-titled spin-off show next year. Big whoop for diversity on the small screen.

Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix November 20


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