Whiskey And Accessories Gift Guide

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Irish whiskey is having a bit of a moment right now ? with a slew of new artisan whiskeys, awards galore, a new world-class whiskey bar in Dublin, plus more people are making their own, homebrew-style. Read on for our pick of books and bottles for the whiskey lover in your life. Also, scroll through our gorgeous accessories gallery above to find some spirited stocking fillers.

The Books For the connoisseur, try the taster's notebook; for the general fan, the?bible; and for the enterprising, the how-to.

The Bottles It's been a top year for whiskey here in Ireland. An award-winning bottle from relative newcomer Teeling Whiskey Co would make a great gift for the dreamy dram-lover in your life this Christmas. For next year keep an eye on the brand-new Dublin Whiskey Co, whose much-anticipated amber nectar is set to mature and hit the market in 2015.


For a full international choice, head to the Celtic Whiskey Shop or sample a selection in The Whiskey Bar at 37 Dawson Street.

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