What To Watch Tonight: Ingobernable On Netflix

TV has come a long way in depicting the empowering woman on screen. From Alicia Florrick to Claire Underwood to Buffy Summers still enduring 20 years on, women are forces to be reckoned with on the small screen. It isn't perfect of course - we're still enduring a daily battle against sexism and inequality both on and off screen ?- but it seems the Hollywood machine is finally realising that a show, in which its central story revolves around a female, can be relevant and have mass appeal.

And because Big Little Lies is almost at an end, we have?a new series for you to love:?Netflix's new Spanish-language series Ingobernable. Yes, it has subtitles, but don't let that put you off for even a single minute - it's a cracker and at its heart is a woman to be reckoned with.?Ingobernable follows the First Lady of Mexico, Emilia Urquiza (played by a captivating Kate Del Castillo), after a violent fight with her president husband leaves him dead - and her the target of a national manhunt.


It's a show about power and oppression?- about the power women have, yet how they - we - are oppressed simply because we're women. Emilia?has both being First Lady yet living in the shadow of her husband. ?As the series centres on Emilia, the casualty is, of course, Diego, who falls to his death in the pilot. But all isn't what it seems; a gun left on a bed during a?bloody scuffle, but when Emilia wakes up, it's been placed in her hand and she has no recollection of shooting her husband.

So begins the real drama she's forced hides from the people who apparently framed her for Diego's murder. It's intriguing and exciting from the get-go with a brilliant heroine and plot twists you'll never see coming; you're going to love it.

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