What To Watch This Weekend

Staying in is the new going out... Well, it is if you like Crystal Maze (it's back!), a must-watch Netflix'series starring Naomi Watts and Edgar Wright's new Tarantino-esque movie. ??

On Netflix: Gypsy

The 10-episode series follows a married mental heath therapist named Jean Holloway, played by the exceptional Naomi Watts, who is a woman who simply wants more. She frequently crosses?the line personally and professionally; seeking illicit rendezvous through the lives of her patients and an affair with rock chick Sidney, despite her seemingly ideal marriage to husband Michael (Billy Crudup). Holloway's desires overshadow almost everything else in her life, but soon she tips so far over the edge, that her balancing act ?? and life as two different people - start?to crack.


Gypsy is available to stream on Netflix now ?

On TV:?Crystal Maze

Que the nineties nostalgia: The Crystal Maze returned last Friday with its first celebrity special, and although there have been a few changes since its 1990s heydey - new dome, celeb contestants, same zones - it was as entertaining, ridiculous and witty as ever, with many saying that quirky Richard Ayoade hosting skills are more than on par with his predecessor Richard O'Brien - though, good as he is, the jury is still out on that one at this early stage. A new set of contestants are lined up and ready to leg it down random hallways, grabbing tiny crystals as if their lives depended on it - but it's cracking TV and all for a good cause.

The second episode of The Crystal Maze: Celebrity Specials is on tonight, Friday 30th June at 9pm on Channel 4

On The Big Screen: Baby Driver


Edgar Wright's Baby Driver?is a film for those who love music; for those who absolutely require music in their lives. And it is about that, a rowdy heist/romance movie, also about obsessions with a killer soundtrack. ?Baby is a guy (Ansel Elgort) who has different iPods depending on his mood, who hardly ever takes his earbuds out, and who falls in love with a diner waitress who reminds him of?his mom, who was his favourite singer.?He finally gets a chance to leave his life of crime but?a final, doomed heist threatens to ruin everything. Sweet and funny, the Tarantino influences are obvious but it's utterly original.

Baby Driver is in cinemas now?

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