What Irish Women Want

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Would you rather come home to a house so sparkling clean you could almost lick the countertops than a romantic dinner, courtesy of your better half? Turns out, as per Proctor & Gamble, that 57% of us Irish women would prefer to enjoy a spotlessly clean gaff than a bowl of tagliatelle for two. What would be even nicer, though, would be to come home to a clean house AND have dinner served up, your slippers at the ready and perhaps the immersion on for a bubble bath, a gin & tonic with a slice of lime to hand, your favourite TV show set to play on the telly and... apologies, I digress.

Not much joy in a romantic night in if you're surrounded by piles of ironing, kids' toys all over the floor and the remains of your breakfast gathering dust in the kitchen. See why Friends' Ross failed to make it work with this potential love interest below. Which would you prefer?


Also in their P&G Effect campaign launch, which sought to suss out what really affects Irish folk, it was revealed that Dublin was voted the most value-conscious county in the Republic (with Cavan coming in a close second), that 48% of us value family meal time above all other family moments, and that a third of Irish adults consider the cost per use and household energy savings to be of huge importance when shopping for household items.

What's affecting you as a consumer?

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