We're All Tenenbaums

Calling all costume and Wes Anderson lovers - your ideal event has come a-calling. The Lighthouse Cinema are dab hands at themed nights and so it makes complete sense that we all don scout uniforms and fur coats the evening of March 7th for the release of Anderson's latest The Grand Budapest Hotel. Starring Ralph Fiennes, Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody and our own Saoirse Ronan this one looks like it might be the idiosyncratic director's best.

The party itself begins at 8pm and the movie starts at 10:30pm, giving you plenty of time to appraise the Zissous, those Darjeeling linen suits and all that beautiful 1960s Moonrise Kingdom styling. However all dandy Mr. Foxes will be the sartorial victors in our eyes.

For more details see here. Meanwhile here's some Budapest to get you excited.


Jeanne Sutton?@jeannedesutun

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