Watch: Trailer For Jennifer Lawrence's Movie Joy Released

Jennifer Lawrence is having a helluva positive time lately after a pretty awful few months last year when her personal files were hacked. She's on the promo tour for the final installment in her wildly successful franchise, The Hunger Games. She's more than likely not seeing Chris Martin anymore. And she may have guaranteed her next Oscar with the movie Joy.

The trailer for Joy premiered yesterday and we like the look of this David O. Russell flick. Lawrence plays Joy Mangano, the woman who invented the Miracle Mop and made millions. Thankfully for the scriptwriters and Lawrence's acting talents, Joy's life wasn't a linear success story. The flashes of what the trailer treats us to promises the whole gamut of human expression. There's a scene with a gun! Children are being tucked into bed! Lots of different types of hair!


Jennifer Lawrence looks badass as this entrepreneur and firebrand, despite being only 24-years-old, and she'll be acting opposite her Silver Linings Playbook?co-star Bradley Cooper for the fourth time. Bradley plays the owner of the Home Shopping Network who helps bring Joy to the public's notice, so expect supportive sparks.

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