Watch: This Bad Lip-Reading Trump Inauguration Footage Is Hilarious

It's a rather gloomy morning (but, hey, at least it's Friday) and like us, maybe your heart is heavy from all the Trump woes going in on in the world - it isn't easy to take in or process - but, we have just the antidote. Exactly a week ago today, we watched the Obamas' and Trumps' grit?their teeth and interact silently - we couldn't hear a peep save for the brilliantly dramatic OTT voiceover - now where's the fun in that? Because we do need something light amidst?all this; we've got to take all of the joy we can in troubled times, and listening to Obama and Trump whisper petty insults to each other is a very joyful way to begin indeed.

The folks over at the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel have struck again, giving us the real story, using two people who clearly can't stand each other on Inauguration Day and it makes for particularly excellent bad lip-reading fodder - what we would have given to hear Barack utter the words "you suuuuck" to Trump in real life or Trump tell the world "help" as he prepared for his dire inauguration speech. And that box that Melania presented to Michelle? Yep, full of pretzels as one might expect (knew?it).

But it's the Clintons' who steal the show, watch the entire thing below and prepare to laugh:


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