Watch: Ruth Negga Teaches Vanity Fair How To Make An Irish Coffee

Though we don't wish to impart judgement, it seems the crowd over at Vanity Fair are suitably rubbish when it comes to preparing any favoured Irish drinks. Remember when Saoirse Ronan had to teach them to make tea? Well, now they've turned to our own Oscar-nominated Ruth Negga to have her prepare a good Irish coffee, and Negga, who features on the latest Vanity Fair "Hollywood" cover, is only?too happy to oblige. Things of note: she forgoes a measuring jug and simply lashes the whisky in (like a true Irish woman) and her face at the end is priceless. If in doubt, do as Negga does and just wing it.

Watch the clip with pride; Negga is flying that flag for us over the pond excellently. Irish coffee, anyone?


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