Watch: New Inside Out Clip Chronicles Riley's First Date

Inside Out seems to be everybody's favourite movie of 2015, rivaling the popularity of Pixar's previous hits, Up! and Finding Nemo. As you watch Riley's emotions come to life, each one taking the reins at various stages of her mood, you too experience the full spectrum of emotion, from joy to fear to sadness. You'll laugh, you'll feel nostalgic and if you've any sort of a pulse inside of you, you'll cry. As one of the first cinematic offerings to really explore the power of our emotional brain in a way that kids can easily digest, reassuring them (and adults too) that it's okay to not feel blissfully happy all of the time, it's no wonder then that we're eager for more.

While Disney have yet to spill the beans on a sequel, there is a short on the way, chronicling Riley's first date with that kid who, at the end of the movie, meets our protagonist and loses the ability to produce words, his fear, anger, joy, disgust and sadness combining for one major malfunction in the presence of a girl. It's quite brilliant and if this clip's anything to go by, we're in for a treat. The short will feature as part of the digital release later in the year.


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