Irish Mammy Reunited With 2 Sons

  • by IMAGE

A surefire way to get yourself a viral video? Take one Irish mammy, two sons living abroad, and reunite them on her 60th birthday. For extra bonus points add in typical Irish mother quote such as,??I thought it was a fridge or something!? and ?We have to keep that and put something into that box.?

This is exactly what Jay and Paul O'Callaghan did for their mother, Mary who turns 60 today. The pair had been living in Canada (Paul for 20 years) and decided it was high time they put together a surprise for their beloved Irish mammy. Speaking to Irish news outlet,, Jay said:??It was so hard to keep it a secret as so many people were involved and I was back at Christmas, so it was difficult to avoid the topic and planning...?It was filmed exactly one week before her birthday. We did that to throw her off any scent she may have picked up!?

Prepare to feel all the feelings...


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