Watch: Go Behind The Scenes Of This Gripping New Netflix Series

New?Netflix thriller Gypsy has been one of the most enjoyable female-led TV shows made quite a long time. We get a tense, slow-building series following a married mental health therapist named Jean Holloway, played by the exceptional Naomi Watts, who is a woman content to live parts of her life as an alter-ego, Diane. She frequently crosses?the line personally and professionally; seeking illicit rendezvous through the lives of her patients and an affair with rock chick Sidney, despite her seemingly ideal marriage and seemingly picture-perfect life.

She's obsessed with her patients; going to extreme lengths to become intertwined in their lives. ?And we root for her. To get a thrill, even to do the wrong thing, as the series progresses. So, what happens when a woman decides to openly explore the darker side of her desires? That's the subject Watts, creator Lisa Rubin and director Sam-Taylor Johnson decide to take on in the ten-part series. Watts's character behaves as an atypical male character might - she seeks to act out her fantasies and desires, so much so that they began to overwhelm every aspect of her life - but the gaze is flipped, refreshingly to that of a female one and in the video below, the cast and crew discuss the allure of the project and what is was like to try and shatter myths around female stereotypes.

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Gypsy is available to stream on Netflix?now

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