Watch: Daniel Radcliffe's Super Cute Harry Potter Audition

Before Daniel Radcliffe was the multi-millionaire acting virtuoso he is today, he was a little, giggly, English boy, very well spoken, of course, auditioning for a role that would change his life forever: Harry Potter. A video has now been released showing his first ever screen test, and it is ADORABLE.

In the video that has recently resurfaced, he runs lines with the director of The Philosopher's Stone Chris Columbus, and you can almost see the exact moment when Chris surely realised that Daniel would be the chosen one, much like Harry in the story, as he reads an excerpt from The Prisoner of Azkaban. And then, securing his future even more, he tries on the glasses that would come to define his career.

If you're feeling fragile, this is going to make you melt and coo and squee but that's okay; it's Friday.


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