Watch: Amy Poehler Defends The Women's World Cup

If you needed another reason to best friendship crush on Amy Poehler, this segment from Late Night with Seth Meyers might push you over the slightly obsessed edge. On the talk show this week, Amy joined the presenter, and her old SNL castmate, to take down a Sports Illustrated journalist who dismissed women's sport as ?in general not worth watching.? Not remotely cool, sports bro.

Anyway, Amy decided to take this loser to task after his tweet, with Seth on a segment perfectly entitled ?Really?!?!? Amy says she'd love to see the journalist express his opinions to Serena Williams. And she mentioned the fact Sports Illustrated release a swimsuit issue every year. ?I guess I'm not surprised you work for Sports Illustrated. You put out a swimsuit issue every year dedicated entirely to women who aren't in sports. Unless you count covering both boobs with one arm as a sport. Really??


She also points out that women's sport is relegated to secondary sports channels. It's all blisteringly on point. That's one point to Amy, and zero points to sexist jerks with paleolithic opinions, and probably a history of paleo dieting.

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