Watch Alexander Skarsgard And His Beautiful Abs In Tarzan Trailer

Next summer at the movies was starting to look dire. That Batman Vs Superman movie with the endless trailer is already boring us. I want a documentary about Ben Affleck to be honest. Someone make that. Suicide Squad seems to have a cast of 40 people I won't be bothered keeping up with. However, there seems to be some light on the cinematic horizon. This glowing vision is in the shape of beauteous Swedish actor?Alexander Skarsgard and his role in an upcoming Tarzan movie we had no idea anyone was making. But they are! And we're very happy because the trailer for The Legend of Tarzan?looks great. Well, it looks grand, but?Alexander Skarsgard looks amazing as the baby raised in the jungle who has grown up into a complicated man trying to straddle two species. Margot Robbie is playing Jane, the woman he falls in love with, and?Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz are also starring. We presume Waltz does something villainous at some stage. Being sinister seems to be paying his mortgage.


The movie is directed by Harry Potter director David Yates and the reported plot isn't the usual origin story. The film allegedly shows us Tarzan as he begins his life in London, but he then must return to his jungle?home in the Congo to investigate some nefarious goings on at a mining encampment. This doesn't sound like a movie that will be soundtracked by Phil Collins.


Here's the trailer. The movie lands in cinemas July 1st.

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