Have You Seen Nicole Kidman's Vogue 73 Questions?

Nicole Kidman is the latest personality to undergo the famous Vogue 73 Questions treatment and we have to say, the woman's house is a rustic minimalist delight. So what do we learn over the course of eight minutes about the Moulin Rouge star? Despite a love for sexy INXS, she does love country music and can sing some of her husband's Keith Urban's songs. She has a lot of love for the cities of Sydney and Nashville, the two places where she divides her time. She plays pool and loves the colour blue. When it comes to apps she's very sensible and favours the weather app. She loves motherhood and counts her positive pregnancy test as one the best surprises of her life. She once surprised Keith with €67 Mustang and wishes she could tell her younger self to be happy. She also makes jam and has a hen house with actual laying hens and baskets of eggs while alpacas roam the green fields surrounding her house.

However, while it's all very cute, that white dress isn't exactly ideal for farm work?

Nicole Kidman's next movie is a period epic and looks like Academy bait. The Queen of the Desert tells the story of Gertrude Bell, a woman who went to the Middle East as a British emissary and became one of the most esteemed diplomats?in the region during the First World War.


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