Victoria Beckham On Guilt Felt By Working Mothers

Parenting is hard enough without making yourself feel guilty. And working mothers are prone to this guilt and then some.?This, however, was affirmed by a new, depressing survey. According to website?GoodtoKnow, 80 percent of mothers feel guilty, and 68 percent feel this at least once every day. The main trigger points were feeling bad about not spending enough time with the children and not doing enough activities with them.

Many working mothers wear this guilt around their necks, burdened as they try to split themselves in two. This means career achievements are rarely celebrated; the guilt takes the shine off them. ?And one very busy working mother (she has three sons and a daughter), Victoria Beckham, has a thing or two to say about this.

"When you're a busy mum, you don't really have a lot of time to really, really relax. As a working mother, you should never feel guilty; you should feel proud,? she told British Airways, wanting working mothers to feel celebratory as opposed to guilty for balancing?their lives. ?She added that it was equally important for parents to instil a strong working ethic in their children.

?You're inspiring your children in the right way, being a strong woman going to work.?


She's right, so?why aren't we celebrating working mothers more? Why is it still a massive societal?pressure and why aren't we frequently shouting that guilt is a pointless emotion to indulge in when life is this hectic? ?And yet there is no escaping it; the guilt you feel for having to make a choice, as a mother, that might not revolve around your children 100% percent of the time. It's exhausting, it's tiring, and it drains you - sometimes before you've gotten yourself and the kids and their lunches as well their stuff for the school play out the door at?8AM.

So we would like to echo the words of Victoria Beckham: stop feeling guilty. You're doing a great job but remember, doing your best is all that's needed. We are more than ready for an era of post-guilt for all working mums.

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