TIME Magazine's February Cover Is A Mighty Ode To All Women

As the world comes to terms with the dramatic and unjust changes that are being made, TIME Magazine gently reminds us that the women of the world will hold their own...

Who knew that in 2017 a pink inanimate object would become a mighty symbol for women around the world.

The perfectly pink knitted 'pussyhat' has become a global symbol of unity and resilience in the last number of weeks. Almost like a nod of reconciliation, TIME Magazine have driven the significance of the hat home by giving the hat a place on the cover of its February issue; complete with the headline "The Resistance Rises".

It's a case of "a picture says a thousand words", and without saying almost anything, the cover is a response to the collective outrage of women (and men). Time is letting the world know that it's listening to the screams of rejection and retaliation.


Thousands of protestors knitted the simple (but brilliantly effective) pussy hats after the idea was launched back in November by recreational knitters?Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman. Unknown to them at the time, they would create a movement that would shake the bedrock beneath the seats of the US Government.

Perhaps one of the most important things about these hats is that it successfully framed the global protests to be about?empowering and supporting the plight of all women, and less about Trump. Organizers of the Women's March took to Twitter to respond to the statement cover, and we can't help but share the same smug feeling?that resonates with more than 3 million American women. The future is female.


Here's to pussy (hat) power ?.


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