The Top 5 Worst Celebrity Influences, According To Parents

If you had to think of one celebrity you wouldn't want influencing your kids, who would it be?

Taylor Swift isn't one of them but yes, Miley Cyrus is. Whether it's her tongue that loves to make an appearance at every opportunity, her on-stage antics with giant foam fingers or any of the myriad ways in which she's caused jaws to drop over the last few years, a staggering three quarters of British parents want to protect their kids from Miley's madness. These figures come as part of a report by

Instead, they'd rather their kids aspire to the be more like Kate Middleton, which, being the future Queen of England, is quite the unattainable goal. For young men, it's Ed Sheeran who best paves the way forward.

Along with Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and even Kristen Stewart top the list of bad influences on little girls while Kanye West tops the poll as far as boys are concerned.

Initially, all respondents were asked ?Do you monitor what your child comes in to contact with, with regards to celebrities and celeb-culture?? to which almost half of respondents, 47%, stated they ?try to, but it's tricky to monitor 24/7?. The remaining respondents stated they either 'don't monitor? (42%) or ?yes, everything is monitored? (11%)


All respondents were then asked ?Are there any celebrities that you would hate for your children to idolise?? When provided with a list of possible celebrities and told to select all those that were relevant, the top five female celebrities that parents don't want to be role models for their children were revealed as follows:

1. Miley Cyrus - 78%

2. Nicki Minaj - 54%

3. Kim Kardashian - 43%

4. Kristen Stewart - 36%

5. Rihanna - 34%

Male -


1. Kanye West - 56%

2. Justin Bieber - 55%

3. Zayn Malik - 41%

4. Shia LaBeouf - 38%

5. Joey Essex - 25%

Interestingly, British parents don't want their kids associating with the likes of Kristen Stewart but they're totally okay with them idolising Michelle Keegan. Similarly, Zayn Malik makes the naughty list while Harry Styles is a tattooed popstar that mums are a-okay with.

Is it the same case in Ireland?


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