The Rose Of Tralee: Did The Right Rose Win?

Well, did you enjoy your guilty pleasure Rose of Tralee party? Another year gone, another fair maiden crowned. This time it was a first for Meath as 22 year old medical student Elysha Byrne triumphed over 31 Roses from all over the world. 760,300 folks are said to have tuned in for the big announcement, proving that no matter how much time passes (the show is now in its 56th year), this odd little ceremony still holds a place in our hearts. Like it or not, it's part of our cultural heritage.

The gorgeous girl from Bettystown took the opportunity to commend the other women involved when accepting her crown from Daith? O'S?.

"Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart. I have never, ever experienced a feeling like this. I stand here amongst 31 other inspirational, moving, strong, driven, focussed, ambitious, wonderful, spectacular young ladies. I'm in such good company."

"I hope to do the Rose of Tralee proud, and I certainly have the biggest shoes I've ever known to fill after Maria Walsh - you've had the most incredible year. Thank you so much," she added.


For those who missed Elysha's backstory, she takes a keen interest in fundraising for the Irish Cancer Society, having overcome cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma) herself when she was due to sit her leaving certificate. Currently, she's studying at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin.

Watch her big moment here and congratulations to all women involved, and the escorts too, you did a sterling job.

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