The Most Akward Cara Delevingne Interview Ever

This is so painfully awkward, we dare you not to wince when listening. Here, Cara Delevingne is being interviewed by US TV show 'Good Day Sacramento' anchors who reckon Cara's rather bored with their conversation. You'll have to listen to decide who's side you're on but to start with, the female host begins by introducing her name wrong (Carla), and then, when they're not getting much life out of the supermodel turned actress, they turn on her like sour milk. Is Cara at fault for appearing so disinterested or is she right to be put off by the ignorance of not even getting her name right? She says, sarcastically, that she neither read the book that the movie's based on, nor the script. This didn't go down well with the hosts who, in fairness to them, are merely helping her to promote her movie. Or are these anchors to blame for a) not doing enough research ahead of their interview and b) speaking to her in such a manner?

When the interview was inevitably cut short, the hosts tell their listeners: ?You make $5m for six weeks? worth of work, you can pretend to talk to Good Day Sacramento with some oomph."

Either way, Cara is busy promoting her new flick Paper Towns, which we're rather eager to see. Next up for Taylor Swift's best famous friend is a role in a superhero flick opposite Will Smith.


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